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Volunteering on a Trail Project

Do I need prior experience in trail work to join a trail project?

No, we will train you at the beginning of the trail project regarding trail techniques, trail standard, and how to safely perform these tasks.  

What type of physical endurance is needed on the trail projects?

That depends on the trail project.  Each trail project description lists elevation of the project, the total miles you will need to hike along with what type of trail work is required for the trail project.  You should have recent experience in hiking  more than the total miles for the trail project since the mileage for the trail project will be coupled with trail work.  If you have not hiked that distance in a while, you may want to try hiking that distance before signing up for the trail project.

What are the overnight trail project like?

View our photo story to understand our trail projects

I want to help on a trail project, but none of the project dates work in my schedule.  What should I do?

Contact Us or email us and we will work with you individually

I have more questions that are not answered here.  What should I do?

Email Us

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