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Gila Wilderness Centennial

Gila BCH is preparing for the

2024 Gila Wilderness Centennial!

Experience the wild and rugged Gila.....

2 Week Adventure

Aldo Leopold stated that one should be able to ride for 2-weeks without seeing civilization.  And from that belief, the Gila Wilderness was created.  100 years later, after many fires, floods, and neglect (lack of funding to do trail maintenance), we are recreating this 2-week possibility.  Join us for our volunteer trail projects as we improve these trails.

Part of Wilderness character is encouraging all to create their own experience.  For this reason, we are not creating a specific route through the Gila. By opening many trails, there are many options to disperse use, increase solitude and create an opportunity to experience the many ecosystems.

We will highlight diverse spots in the Gila (map coming soon....) to help people experience all aspects of the Gila Wilderness. 


Our updated Gila Trails Cleared Map can help you plan your adventure.

Exploring the Gila Wilderness Edges

Since not everyone has time for a 2-week adventure, we are improving trails around the Gila Wilderness's perimeter.  Day-hikes to give you a taste of the Gila.  We need your help in improving these trails also


Our updated Gila Trails Cleared Map can help you plan your outings. We will highlight diverse spots for experiencing the expanse of the Gila (map coming soon...)

Gila Centennial Northern Loop Trails

Discover a one-of-a-kind trail network that showcases a variety of ecosystems through short hikes and backpacking trips. We are currently improving the remaining 1/3 of the trails and will provide comprehensive information on the diverse outdoor recreation opportunities once it is completed.  Overview Map

Funding Thanks to:

  • National Forest Foundation Map grants 

  • Nation Wilderness Stewardship Alliance Trails Partnership Grants

  • NM ORD Trails+ Grants

  • Individual Donations

  • Give Grandly 2022

  • Great American Outdoors Act

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