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Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities

 that make the Gila a better place. 

Check out the options below and see what fits you best.

If you would like to volunteer in a different way than what is listed below: Contact Us

Trail Volunteer

Volunteer for day or multiday trail projects.

Front Country or Back Country. 

Brushing, Logging, Crosscut, Chainsaw, Trail Marking, Drainage

Training provided

Check out our FAQ page

Sign up here

Equine Packer

Help pack in gear, tools, food and more for the trail volunteers. 

No need to participate in the trail projects if you do not want to.  Packers allow us to work more remotely.  We could not do what we do without packers.

Interested or want to learn more: Contact Us


Cook from the comfort of your home. 


Good homemade food is highly valued after a day of trail work.  Our meals our cooked by volunteers, vacuum sealed and packed out to the trail project.  Join us as a cook! 

Interested or want to learn more: Contact Us

Provide Trail & Water Info

Let us know what you find in terms of trail conditions and water availability when you are out on the trail.

Trail Report Form: Click here

Water Report Form (Gila Wilderness Only): Click Here

Email is directly if you dont like forms: Email


Join Us in Preserving Our Public Lands in the Gila

Support Us through Your Donation

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