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NATRC Nan Ranch Ride

Competitive Trail Ride at the Beautiful Nan Ranch in Southwest New Mexico
Sponsored by Gila Chapter Back Country Horsemen

April 22 - 24, 2022

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This competitive trail ride is a judged horseback riding event over measured distances and completed within specified times. Riders are judged for horsemanship; their equines are judged for fitness and soundness. Horses, mules, and ponies compete as a team with their riders.


For more information about NATRC, visit the NATRC website at: 


The 2022 ride will be held on the historic NAN Ranch near   Silver City, New Mexico. The 65,000+ acre ranch is situated in the high desert along the Mimbres River. The terrain ranges in elevation from 5100’ to 6400’ and features deep canyons, riparian areas with dirt trails, river crossings, sandy washes, rocky and sandy two-track roads, and hills of varying steepness.


For more information about the ranch, visit the website at

Ride participants will arrive at NAN Ranch beginning on Friday, April 22. for vet-check. Camping is overnight at your trailers. The Ride itself will take place over the following 2 days, timing out about 7 am. each day.

Divisions:  Open, Novice, Competitive Pleasure, and Distance Only.

  • Open riders cover the most challenging trails & greatest distances during the ride.  Horses must be 5 yrs or older.

  • Novice and CP competitors ride easier trails of shorter distances and duration.  Horses must be 4 yrs or older.

  • Distance Only riders must not interfere with pace or timing of declared Division and follow the marked trails.


Awards and Classes:
  Open, Novice and Competitive Pleasure Division Awards 1-6 are given for horse and horsemanship in Heavyweight,
    Lightweight, and Junior.
  Completion awards for Distance Only



  • 2 Day  “A” Ride Saturday and Sunday for Open, Novice, Competitive Pleasure and Distance Only.

  • 2 Day  “ B” Ride Saturday for Novice and CP.

  • 1 Day “ B” Ride Saturday for Novice, CP, and Distance Only.

    Saturday Open trail - 30 miles, (“A” ride)
    Sunday Open trail - 20 miles, (“A” ride).
    Saturday Novice/CP/DO trail - 20 miles, (“A” & “B” rides).
    Sunday Novice/CP trail - 15 miles, (“A” ride).

Water: available for both riders and equines along the way. 


For more information contact:

Vicki Dowd, Ride Manager 


Charlen  Perez, Ride Secretary at 

Comments about the 2018 Nan Ranch Ride

  • Great job putting on the NAN Ranch ride this past weekend.

  • Loved your P&R people. They were very competent.

  • Loved it…NAN Ranch. What a beautiful place.

  • The ride was a great experience for me.

  • Most of all…the people were great.

  • We should all be thanking YOU. 

  • A truly great job of organizing…& good food to boot.

  • Just wanted to thank both of you and The Gila Chapter of the Back
    Country Horsemen & Women.

  • All of you did a wonderful job of making it such a fun weekend.

  • We really loved the trails and the way they were marked.

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